I am working currently as Web Engineer at CERN (Switzerland). Previously I worked as a freelance web developer, building amazing projects for several companies and also on a startup, Adama Web).

I obtained my Masters Degree on Web Engineering and my Bachelor in Computer Science from the University of Oviedo. My Masters thesis was " Codesnug: Code storage social tool", obtaining the grade of "Excelent".

I enjoy coding and managing the lifecycle of projects, materializing my ideas on fully-working applications. I love to build useful and cool stuff!.

I like to go hiking, taking pictures, weekend travels, playing video games and also writing on my blog.

You can checkout some of my previous projects on the projects page (Actually, only those I am most proud of :)).

Growing up in Asturias, Spain, I have always been a technology enthusiastic so I decided to study computer science. After finishing my studies I moved to Geneva, Switzerland, to continue my career on the IT field.


If you want to contact me you can email me or find me on Twitter. Do not hesitate to send a message, I am always open to new and exciting opportunities!

You can also send me a quick message using the form below